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Party Planning: Plates & Napkins

Posted by Administrator on 5/21/2012 to Party Planning and Ideas

Planning a Successful Theme Party
Plates & Napkins: Choosing Designs and How Many to Buy?

Presentation makes the party!  Pull your music theme together with the perfect plates and napkins.
Many decisions come down to personal taste with plates and napkins.  Most people choose to match napkins and plates.  But keep your options open.  Sometimes it is a nice complement to blend solid colors with your themed items.   For example, you may choose to use both sheet music napkins and plates on a solid white or black tablecloth.  A solid table cover allows for use of decorative confetti  for a little sparkle and color on your table.  Another option is a printed music note tablecover with solid black or white plates and sheet music napkins.

Before purchasing your partyware, estimate your final number of guests.   If you are having a cocktail hour with appetizers as well as desserts later in the evening, be sure to have a minimum of two 7 inch plates per person. 

Most people will use one plate during a dinner hour where main dishes are served.  Always plan on a few spare large plates for guests who will choose to go back for later second helpings.   Dinner size plates are also handy to use for unforeseen serving needs.  Dinner dishes should be served with 9 inch, 10 inch or 10.5 inch plates. 

When purchasing napkins, the rule of thumb is a minimum of 2 napkins per size, per person.

If you have chosen napkins and plates that are heavy with pattern, a solid table cover is your best bet.  Pull an accent color from the design and you will have a beautiful table!  Solid plates with a printed tablecloth is another great look, as a printed tablecloth sets an interesting backdrop to your menu items.

We invite our customers to share photos of their music theme parties with us. We would love to see your creativity and have you share your party planning ideas with our readers!

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